What Buyers Say

I bought a puppy from Rita, this is the best puppy I have ever seen. It is happy and healthy. Wonderful temperament, and a fabulous addition to our family. He had a perfect bill of health and I highly recommend this breeder for your new furry family member. Thank you so much Rita!


We are so pleased with our fur baby. We had a great experience with Rita. She made the process of purchasing and picking our fur baby up a breeze. She explained what we should do to make the transition from Mom to our family easier. She also explained the safety precautions for traveling with the little bundle. So he would have the best chance to stay healthy. She also helped with the crate training which has made it much easier on us. We were so blessed that we have this little bundle of joy to fill our lives with happiness and make us laugh and just have a great time. Thank you for everything!


We just picked up our new furry little family member from Rita. From the moment I came into contact with Rita about adopting one of her puppies, I knew we were making a great choice. She is so educated about dogs in general and got back to me with all my questions I had about my new puppy baby. It is evident that she loves and cares for all of her puppies and makes sure they go to a loving home. Our boy Oly is happy, and healthy. If you are interested in adopting from Rita do it, you will not regret it!


Dear fellow animal lover,

If you are considering a family companion, you would be missing out if you didn't seriously consider one of Rita's little ones. We recently added a little puppy to our family. I found Rita to be very responsive, knowledgeable and you can tell instantly she genuinely cares for each little pup. We were given updates and received pictures on a regular basis all the way up to deliverly. The puppy was delivered with a great "starter" kit and our puppy was CLEAN, GROOMED, and HEALTHY.. My wife and I couldn't have been happier with our expericene with Rita. She asked us the right questions to make sure we would be a "forever" family for our new family member (she is concerned that her little guys will be loved). We will definitely use Rita when we are ready to add another family member. I recommend Rita wholeheartledly!

Carlos and Christine Villarreal

I am so very impressed with the whole process of my new puppy purchase. You were professional, clear and open concerning your expectations from the start. You kept me updated with pictures and progress reports and I was even able to pick up our new little boy a few days early and you kindly arranged to meet me in town.

My new pup is very well socialized, energetic, and in obvious good health. His coat is full, shiny and very clean. You kindly provided a "goody bag" filled with the dog food he has been eating, treats, as well a a toy. The paperwork you included was very helpful and informative concerning the care and training the pup, as well as a shot schedule.

I feel I have not only gained a new pup, but a friend in you, Rita.

Thank you very much

Carrie B

We are so pleased with our calm little boy. He has added joy and love to our home. When we picked him up, he smelled so nice, and was clean and groomed. He has such a great temperament.

We first contacted Rita when the puppy was only a month old. She has kept us in close contact by sending us photos every week of his growth. I love the way he has such a playful attitude, but he is also really smart and so sweet. We love our new family member. Our other dog is so glad to have a playmate now. I highly recommend this breeder. She has made us a very happy family with our new sweet boy. Thank you so much for your close contact and helpfulness. Thank you for driving to meet us as well!

Jo Lee Robinson

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new puppy. So far as dogs go he has been absolutely perfect: calm, curious, affectionate and receptive to new family and rules. While buying a dog with just seeing his picture was difficult, Rita has made the process very friendly and was able to answer all the questions I had regarding the dog. She also has supplied additional pictures to fully clarify that the puppy we were considering of adopting was the one! She has provided information on the care, crate training, do's and dont's for the dog. Rita had the dog groomed and ready for our family. The puppy also came with a birthday gift bag of toy and treats to start him well. We were travelling to Canada with the puppy, and Rita had offered to arrange for the health certificate if this would be required for crossing the border. We had all the papers in order, with the first vaccination record and schedule to follow up for the vet visits.

This has been a good experience, and we have a great dog in our house. Thank you.


We got our pup from Rita after finding her online through the Oregon Live website. She made the process smooth and simple and wanted to know if we had had the breed before. As we had and after talking to her about our last dog she was ready to hand us our little guy. He is a wonderful addition to our family and has stolen everyones heart. Rita was very helpful with advice on the Do's and Don'ts for the pup. We had quite a bit of contact with her before our purchase and will probably have more as time moves on when we have questions about other things. The pup was clean and well groomed and Rita made sure he was going to a good home. I would recommend Rita if you're looking to get a new furry friend for your family. Thanks again Rita!!


We found our handsome, very macho, puppy on PuppyFind.com. Rita was very quick to respond to our inquiry, sending us more pictures and describing the character of our pup. She was spot on! We just completed his second round of shots and a wellness check up. Our little guy is not only healthy- but happy and oh so, loving, too! Rita is committed to her dogs! We continue to learn about raising our puppy, and do not hesitate to contact her with questions. If you are looking for a stellar breeder, search no further.

Kim and Scott

she is amazing- we are SOOO in love with her! sweetest, loving, fun puppy ever! her ears just popped up a week ago last Saturday. oh my, Rita- thank you so very much! I am so sorry I haven't sent pics recently. thank you for emailing and asking. :) She just got her next shots today.

I wish we could have taken her sister too- but are so happy to have one puppy. she is definitely a full on family member. It has been great- she goes with us everywhere and hasn't been alone much at all. but when she has, here and there (quick trips to the store), she does great.


I just purchased a female German Shepherd puppy (Elsie) from Rita. The purchasing process was a pleasure...Rita wanted to make sure this would be Elsie's forever home. Although the purchase process is important but it is just a moment in time...the temperament and intelligence of the puppy is forever...and all I can say is WOW! I think Elsie is the smartest puppy ever. In just one week she already knows sit and crate. She sits patiently waiting for me to make her food. I could not be happier.


hi Rita-

Just a note to tell you how much we love our new puppy, Moxee. She has the sweetest demeanor and is doing great through the night, eating, playing and well- still working on potty training. :) Our kids are having a blast and so are we. We go for walks, play in the back yard and have been working with a trainer (mostly to train us!). thank you soo much!! I attached some pictures of her so you could see. She is growing fast!!

Krista :)

Buying puppies from Rita was an awesome experience. Everything from start to finish was handled so well. Orginally, I was only going to buy one however Rita had mentioned someone else cancelled and 2 brothers were available. Since I live in Florida I was planning on shipping the pups but decided picking them up in person would be more an experience. From the moment I met her I knew they were well taken care of and that I was making a great choice purchasing from a breeder that has a long history. I did my research well. These boys have turned out amazing. They have become well potty trained too since day 1. Something I did not expect at all. Also Rita had given me instructions food toys and lots of information. I would strongly recommend anyone I know to purchase from Rita we need more breeders like her. I have been in contact with Rita before and after the purchase that's true service.


I just bought a puppy from Rita. She is beautiful and full of it. The puppy was clean and well fed. I could tell Rita loved her puppies and she takes excellent care of them. Rita made sure I was ready for a puppy and I knew she wouldn't place one of her puppies just anywhere. Thanks Rita!


We welcomed our German Shepherd pup "Rocky" to our home on Labor Day weekend and we are overjoyed with him! Rita at Schaffenhaus is a pleasure to work with. Rita impressed us with her knowledge, willingness to help out prospective dog owners such as us in choosing the right puppy and with her obvious dedication to the breed. We are looking forward to many happy years with our new family member and who knows, maybe once Rocky matures into the responsible adult dog we're sure he'll be, we will get a new pup from Schaffenhaus to keep him (and us) on his toes. Jack and Angela Z.

I purchased a puppy from Rita in July. I have to say that I was a little hesitant in picking and buying a puppy sight unseen, but Rita was wonderful to work with. She sent me pictures, which helped me pick my puppy, and then sent regular updates. The puppy was very loved, and well cared for, and Rita really cares for these guys! She provided food, water, a toy, and several hints and reminders for how to care for a new puppy. I would never hesitate to recommend this breeder! — Tanya



My shepherd is a Certified Service Dog and she is now a member of
United Airlines Global Priority Club, you get limo service from your
house to the plane, very exclusive membership.

This is why she got the United membership:
Last year she saved me, at an ATM in Los Angeles, thug tried to rob me, did not see my dog, she jumped on him and grabbed him by the throat. She was never trained for protection, her protective instincts kicked in.The guy needed a tracheotomy to breathe and it was his third strike he got life without parole.

The LAPD gave her a medal and United gave her the special club membership.

— Bob


We just purchased our male puppy, Rocco, yesterday and we are so pleased to have him as a new addition to our famly. He is beautiful, happy, and healthy, and it's all we could ask for. Rocco is a very stout male puppy. He is affectionate, easygoing, and has a great personality. He took to our famly right away, and he does really really well with our 6-year-old son. We love him so much. They are expensive puppies, but well worth every penny. Thank you, Rita, for all the tips and training advice. — Ryan


I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Elsa. Finding you makes the purchasing experience worthwhile. Elsa is a very beautiful, easygoing, and affectionate German Shepherd. We love her a lot. She was well worth the trip coming from Chehalis, Washington, and meeting you almost halfway in Moses Lake. Thank you for all the advice and concern you showed about Elsa and for all the help you provided in taking care of her. —Helga K.


I've bought a handful of pups in my day but never have I met a breeder that cares so much about her pups and the kind of homes they go to. From day one, Rita was all about the pup and ensuring he was going to the right home. I could have bought a pup just miles from our home, but, after talking with Rita over the phone, I just knew she was the kind of breeder I was looking for. So I drove 3 hours to meet her in Moses Lake to do the exchange. Since picking up the puppy (Khaos), she has checked in a couple times which I think again just shows how much she cares about the pups she breeds. Khaos has been doing great. He's a very healthy beautiful pup that has fit into the family very well. So if you're looking for a good Shepherd, I would highly recommend you talk with Rita. — Mark S.


I thought I'd send you some updated photos of our little boy now that he's one year old. He had a nice birthday and he got to spend lots of time at the dog park. He is great with both other dogs and children. He is not aggressive at all and the only issue he has with kids is that he is too friendly with them and doesn't realize his own strength when approaching them so fast. So we just slow him down and all is well. He is doing very well and getting better with the discipline training every day. He really is a wonderful dog and I can't tell you how much I appreciate both you and your kennel for giving us such a wonderful little boy. I recommend your kennel to anyone who asks about German Shepherds. Thanks again and please wish his mother a Happy Mother's Day from Axel. — Robert G.


We recently purchased a beautiful female German Shepherd puppy from Rita at Schaffenhaus Shepherds. I had called many breeders and discussed their program, asked probing questions and making challenges to points that I was unclear on. Rita had a strict adherence to classic best German lines and avoided East German and East European lines which had selection priorities of size and aggressiveness.

Rita's dogs were healthy, robust and exhibited nobility and character traits that clearly reflected the temperament which was at the heart of her breeding program and selection process. The kennel was well-managed, clean, and the dogs were well cared for.

We liked everything about the dogs, the breeding program and Rita's obvious love and devotion to her German Shepherds. We did our homework, but I am not an expert on German Shepherds, lines, conformation details and other technical considerations. The deciding factor was trust. I would recommend her German Shepherds to anyone who wants an alert, healthy, and stable family companion and who is also willing to put the time and effort in responsible training and care of their pet. —Joseph R., Valley, WA


The short and sweet of it is we love our puppy. Absolutely fantastic German Shepherd temperament! Alert, curious, stable, adaptive, good drive, smart. All is going very well. She loves her new home, and we love her. The beginning of a very good story. Thanks again. You are doing a great job in your breeding program. Everyone claims temperament, but your dogs have it. Come by anytime. It's nice you are close. A good resource. Vet exam went well. He thought she was a nice dog and in good shape. We should have her named today.
— Joe, Washington


This is an unsolicited reference to say how pleased we were with our German Shepherd puppy that we received yesterday. All financial transactions were done in a professional manner and you can use my name as a reference. —David G.


Rita Ayers turned what started out as a very stressful experience into a joy from start to finish. I was very nervous about purchasing a puppy online because I have never bought anything online and I wasn't sure how safe it was. Rita was incredible! She was very patient with my constant questions and sent me lots of pictures as the puppy grew. I talked to her almost daily for a month via e-mail and phone calls.

She gave me very good advice and great tips for training the puppy when I got her. She informed me of the costs involved upfront and there were no hidden surprises. I live in Massachusetts and I was very concerned about the length of time it would take for the puppy to arrive here from Washington but Rita assured me that it was very safe and that she had been doing it for years. I also confirmed with the airport that she used to ship her to me and they assured me of the safety of shipping.

I got my beautiful puppy a week ago and my vet assured me that she was in excellent health. She is a very lovable little puppy and very smart. I attribute this to the fact that Rita has them in her home and they are handled and socialized from birth. I highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing a puppy to go through Rita. As I said, she took the stress and worry completely away and I am very happy with my new little friend. Rita has my contact info if anyone would like to ask me personally about my experience at her discretion. —Bonnie C.